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tv   News Channel 5 at 6pm  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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speaking exclusively with news channel 5 as investigators say new evidence has generated dozens of new tips. plus -- >> [ indiscernible ] >> after spending more than two decades in prison, three east cleveland men get a new chance at life. we are in court when they learn the charges in their case have be on 5 we have brand new details about the search for a child killer. the murder of amy has tugged at the hearts of people in northeast ohio. now 27 years later police say they have new clues. >> not too long ago police released details about that curtain tied to this case. since then calls have been
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these pictures and his memories are all that mark has left of his daughter. it october 1989 when police believe -- [ indiscernible ] during that conversation police told me he convinced her to meet him here to buy a gift for her mom. her body was found several months later in ashland county. this curtain was found in the technology police linked it to amy. >> it was pretty definitely believed it was wrapped around her at some point in time. >> since then tips have been coming into the police by the dozens. detective explained to me a quarter of those tips are brand new. >> that curtain doesn't belong to the family.
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figure out hoe it belongs to. >> the story has haunted bay village, police investigators and amy's family for nearly three decades. police told me they are convinced this case can and will be. >> just a matter of time and getting the right information. >> mark lives with the unanswered questions and heartbreak of losing a child every single day but he too believes that police will some day answer those questions. >> time is somewhat of healer but it is not -- healer. it is still there. >> there is a $50,000 reward for information that leads police to the killer. back to you. developing right now in avon a construction worker has died after dump truck backed up over him. also tonight a truck driver from georgia faces aggravated
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a chain reaction crash on the turnpike. this happened in a heavily traveled construction zone. we spent today asking questions about the safety of that road. you just learned this wasn't the only crash in the area yesterday. >> that's right. state highway patrol tells me there have been roughly a dozen other minor crashes in that area. yesterday's crash took the life of a 14 year-old g we are learning that there are more fatalities here along the ohio turnpike. that number inching higher. it was 2:15 p.m. yesterday, state highway patrol tells us madison was travelling with her family eastbound when this happened. a semi truck slammed into the back of their truck. this is the aftermath.
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reaction. ten vehicles involved. seven people injured. carter shown here charged. state highway patrol tells me he was driving the semi. the incident happened in this heavy construction zone. all traffic funneled into two single lanes. as you see in this video we took today, slow downs and abrupt stops are common. >> it kind of opens your eyes to the importance of -- increasing your following distance. especially in construction zones. you have to following distance and slow down a bit to prevent incidents like this. >> the number of accidents on the turnpike decreased in the last two years. the ohio turnpike declined our request for an interview but in a written statement they tell me construction in the area where the accident happened where will
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working in that area everyday. the state highway patrol is investigating whether drugs, alcohol or texting played a role in this fatal crash. back to you. tonight at 6:00 new details are emerging after a woman was shot and left for dead in the cuyahoga valley national park. police say they now know who pulled the trigger. new channel 5 live at fbi headquarters tonight. i want to be not a random act of violence. >> they say the victim and the shooter knew each other but they don't know why he shot her three times in the head and the face. she is still recovering in the hospital while he is now behind bars. officers arrested 27-year-old dezay ely. he is now charged with attempted murder. you might remember runners found that 18 year-old victim in the national park on july 4th.
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she was in acoma for a while but was able to tell police last week she knew the suspect which led to his arrest. that teen is currently blind and has a very long road ahead of her. they are calling this an incredible story of survival. >> you know we now who the person is who shot her. we are still working through -- the -- information on the exactly why. what was the motive behind this >> we into that. according to this affidavit that alleged shooter told the victim he wanted to test out his new.22-caliber gun before he used nit a robbery and then he allegedly turned and shot her. back to you. an emotional moment today inside a cuyahoga courtroom after they spent 21 years in
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dropped. ron joins us live now. ron you broke this story more than a year ago. >> that is right. both new evidence and allegations of misconduct were turned up by the ohio innocence project. a new trial that was supposed to begin today instead ended in tears of joy. [ cheering and applause ] family and friends never doubted this day that brought face of her and tears for garrett wheat. judge nancy margaret said it was a day when justice walked. >> i am happy to tell the three of you rather that you are free to go. >> they served 20 years in prison on a 1995 murder. today prosecutors said they were dropping charges. rather than proceed with a new
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innocence project successfully overturned their conviction. >> there are no words to describe how much i thank them. >> [ indiscernible ] >> stuck together and always believed in our innocence. our families always believed in it. >> she said she always believed her son would be free. >> none of this would be possible lord. [ indiscernible ] i knew this day was going to come. i just didn't know when. >> well prosecutors reserve the right to refile those charges but they told me they have no plans to do so. back to you. new details in the hazing investigation of a local marching band. some students were pushed into a
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without being asked if they could swim. some wrapped in plastic wrap to either another student or to a tree. the director and assistant dike basis -- director of the band was suspended. cloudy and a little bit of rain. we have dried it out just over the past couple of hours in a lot of spots. we do have a few isolated sprinkles moving mansfield back into -- sandusky. a few isolated sprinkles. we will zoom on in here. a couple of isolated sprinkles here. that is really about it. we got a mainly dry evening shaping up. not a lot of activity moving your way. it is just an isolated thunderstorm chance for a couple
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notice there is a thunder chance or two overnight tonight. it is not going to be widespread. your evening is looking pretty dry. maybe a even a few peaks of sunshine. still mid 70s by 9:00. we will stay very warm and muggy for the next couple of days. tomorrow guess what is coming? another round of potentially heavy rainfall. we will track that in two residents in jail after trying to steal a car so they could get home. according to police a woman pulled into a gas station and that is when a man opened her door and tried to pull her out. when she fought back the man took her car keys and then took off down road. akron police say he was found down the street with the keys in his pocket. they are charged with robbery. she told police they wanted the
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still ahead, a neighborhood on edge. worried a plan to help the wildlife will harm their families. we are digging into the plan to spray weed killer on the marsh. why the owners say it is needed and neighbors say no way. plus it is the last ditch effort for the party. they are trying to make this effort to get gary johnson on the what it means for november. [ indiscernible ]
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right now neighbors who live next to the target invasive grass. many are concerned a powerful weed killer will be sprayed by their homes. we sent paul to check things out for us. he is there right now. >> several european countries have already banned this weed killer over concerns it causes cancers.
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here. the marsh is filled with mighties. wildlife officials use these tractors to spray the marsh. sometimes it is even sprayed bay helicopter. even if city officials say the chemical is safe and epa want it drifting into their yards. she doesn't want the marsh sprayed with anything. >> i can't imagine that it can be safe for any living creature in the marsh. what happens to those creatures when -- the whole area is sprayed with that? >> now officials out here tell me they will spray when they get
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sometime this week. back to you. a battle for ohio rages on as republican presidential nominee donald trump was in the buckeye state again today. he was in youngs town this afternoon laying out his foreign policy agenda should he win the white house in november. >> the time is over develop a new screening test for the threats we face today. i call it extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need more. >> donald trump is scheduled to be in wisconsin tomorrow. an update on some controversy we told you about first on 5. the ohio secretary of state is
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ballot this november. the state is okaying it? >> right. secretary houston has ruled johnson will be able to swap his name out for charlie earl's. earl is the person who was originally nominated by the line libertarian party. he served as an early place holding for gary johnson who wasn't nominated by the party held off on weighing in saying ohio law does not address whether the swap is legal but houston made the official ruling today. johnson's name will appear on the ballot if at least 5,000 of the signatures on the original petitions are certified by the deadline at the end of the. -- of the
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if you want to get outside -- it is a good time to do it. there is just a sprinkle or two outside. >> okay. >> so not bad. [ indiscernible ] the little puppy dog is doing well if you watch my facebook page. >> he is running the house. >> he is running the house. [ laughter ] just learned to scratch the door to go outside. that is all i want. rain up towards chicago. the direction this is moving will most likely carry this particular batch to the north and west of northern ohio. that is great news for all of us. in fact there is a warm front right here. we are seeing a little bit of thunder south of that warm front that could drift our way overnight tonight. the threat for rain is just
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particular spot. now notice we are drying things out. a sprinkle or two up around mentor and painsville and fair port moving towards perry and madison. back to the west if this is reaching the ground it is an isolated sprinkle south of wellington. nor walk and bell view a couple of showers moving up towards cedar point. here is your hour by hour. there is not a big huge chance for rain or thunder overnight tonight. here we tonight. there is barely any activity here. let's take you up to midnight, notice a couple of little showers. your best shot will be west of i-71. then the rest of the area just couple of little isolated showers. here is your morning commute. little isolated activity there. then the morning hours look to be pretty dry just w just an
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your better chance over rain or thunder comes tomorrow afternoon. it will be hit and miss showers and storms tomorrow mainly during the afternoon. sate muggy 79 in cleveland. muggy 79 in medina. 87 in wooster. 82 in canton. your dew points near 70. that high. today 81. that is our average. 73 the low. again your showers and storms moving our way. still some flooding issues down in louisiana extending westward know into southern texas for more rainfall for the next couple of days. here is the warm front coming in tonight. that low pressure moves over us tomorrow afternoon and evening. that is your best chance for
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thunderstorms. showers and storms all the way through wednesday. wednesday morning -- even briefly during the afternoon. then we should dry you out for the browns game. tomorrow we will do 83 degrees. storms are likely. heavy rain and it will become breezy during the afternoon. wednesday a few storms. 85. thursday isolated 86. friday and saturday look wet. back with sports after this.
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tough loss for the indians today. it came down to that final pitch you saw right there. 3-2 the final. the red sox beat the indians. it was rain out make up today. the indians winning streak has come to a close. training camp for the fans has come to a close out here. plenty of headlines as we gear
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we bring in andrew who joins us. he is from let's talk about some of the big story lines. today's big story line the return of josh gordon. >> it is good to see him out there. this is a big talented wide receiver. i was good news to get him back early. they have been working him back slowly. now he is back on the field. the goal right is to get him >> will not play on thursday? >> it is likely he will not play thursday. you look ahead to those joint practices in tampa next week and then the game on the following friday. >> you had a chance to watch rg3. what are your thoughts? >> the first throw -- stands out. this is what he can do. he stood in the pocket, made the right throw and threw it to a
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you don't want to see. it is the chemistry they need to develop over the course of the next few weeks so they are right on the same page. >> all right. we will see you thursday night. back to you. >> [ indiscernible ] thursday night looks dry, looks warm in the 70s. let's goo browns. >> let's go. we can do it. we will see you tonight on news
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tonight, as we come on, several developing stories. the deadly floods. the rushing waters, the state of emergency and, tonight, we hear from the rescuer who helped pull this woman and her dog from her submerged car. also tonight, the wildfires, out of control right now. nearly 200 homes and businesses already destroye the curfew in place tonight in milwaukee. after officers are targeted and injured, bricks thrown at their cars. all of this after an officer shoots and kills a man who police say was armed. donald trump, amid reports of turmoil within his campaign, his new plan tonight to vet immigrants to this country. and we have the list of specific questions he now wants asked. and the joe show. the vice president, and what he said about trump today.


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